Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) is a great choice for many different construction applications. A versatile and safe material used by builders and civil engineers in both residential and commercial construction projects such as houses, offices, factories and schools. EPS Sheet is suitable for exterior wall insulation, cavity wall insulation, ceilings, floors and roofing as well as void formers, geofoam landfills, cool rooms and underneath concrete slab. 

Here are 6 reasons why Eccleston & Hart recommend EPS for your next construction project:

  1. Thermal & acoustic insulation

Due to its structure, EPS is a rigid insulation and acoustic insulation material that remains constant. We stock both standard white EPS, and SuperTherm EPS Sheets – an enhanced grey EPS which contains high purity graphite that reflects and absorbs radiant energy, giving it superior thermal conductivity and fire retardancy compared to the standard white EPS.

  1. Lightweight & easy to install

As a construction material, EPS is lightweight – it is 2% plastic and 98% air afterall! This makes it easy to transport and also carry and install by hand – no need for specialist lifting machinery.

  1. Strength & durability

EPS Sheets are durable, rot proof and you can expect at least a 100 year lifespan when installed correctly. Its compressive strength and rigidity make it an ideal material for flooring and structural fills. A range of densities, thicknesses and sheet sizes are available depending on your requirements.

  1. Water resistance & and combustibility 

Due to its closed-cell structure, EPS is unaffected by humidity and is virtually water resistant, with very low absorption when submerged.

EPS is a combustible material – a factor that must be considered alongside any other construction materials in use, to comply with fire regulations for any build. Our SuperTherm EPS Sheets include our newest grade of material and a flame retardant additive (which inhibits the early stages of fire development) that is suitable in Fire Class E conditions and any of your BS EN 13163 requirements. 

  1. Non toxic & environmentally sustainable

A non-toxic material, EPS is non-irritant and odourless so can be used across all construction applications confidently. These features reduce Health & Safety implications, compared to mineral wool for instance, which can irritate skin and breathing without the appropriate PPE in place.

EPS is 100% recyclable and contains no CFC’s or HCFC’s and has zero ozone depletion potential and low global warming potential. It is chemically inert so will not leach into surrounding soils or groundwater. It also does not carry any nutrient attraction to vermin, insects, bacteria or fungi.

  1. Cost effective

EPS is the most cost effective rigid insulation material for any construction site. We manufacture and stock both standard white EPS and enhanced grey EPS and all sheets are cut to your specifications and measurements. Visit our online shop here for information on sizes and prices.

Why choose Eccleston & Hart for your EPS?

At Eccleston & Hart, we produce EPS products that are tailor made to your specifications for your construction project. We’ve been doing this for 50 years!

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