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Polystyrene Graphics and Display

More than 50 years in the Expanded Polystyrene business. Our technical support, experience and expertise in Polystyrene (EPS) is second to none, we are here to guide you.

  • EPS is a product with many benefits, being lightweight yet strong, moisture resistant, it is economic and very versatile.
  • EPS is used in the world of Media, Graphics, Film, Television, Theatre, Retail display, Conference, Exhibition and all kinds of special events.
  • All our polystyrene display products are fire retardant, manufactured to high specifications, and high quality standards.
  • Our innovative manufacturing technology together with our experienced team, produces quality products and an excellent service.
  • We can produce bespoke logos, letters and numbers in your required font and size for signage, for advertising shoots, television sets, window displays, conferences, exhibitions, and all kinds of special events.
  • Email your drawings, designs and scanned images, and using Cad/Cam technology we can accuratly represent your specification.
  • We can craft your particular prop/ product / requirement ( a chess piece for example ) using cad/cam technology from your drawings, using hotwire CNC machines and hand crafting to complete a fairly smooth and even finish ready to paint.
  • We can make a giant sphere in polystyrene, and balls of various sizes and even rugby balls and eggs for Easter, all hand crafted and hand finished. Our CNC technology creates the basic sphere or egg shape, then it is hand crafted to complete a fairly smooth and even finish.
  • You can order polystyrene heart shapes for Valentines, star shapes, snow flakes, flowers and cloud shapes, stylised Christmas trees, palm trees, and fir tree shapes. From a cad drawing to the finished article.
  • Make a huge polystyrene ice cream cone, for a fabulous prop in a display, order cake dummies for display only! Round or square or heart shaped. Order polystyrene cubes in sizes to suit.
  • We can make styalised props or a special feature piece, create a scene or backdrop for a theatre, television or film set.
  • You can order polystyrene blocks and create a model village, or model car, or sculpt a work of art, or create a landscape, or cityscape for a theatre stage set.
  • Our medium density fire retardant (MDF) grade polystyrene material is the film set sculpters first choice.
  • We can paint your particular product in any colour including specific pantone colours as required.

Your creative ideas can be made a reality, please talk to us ! or telephone 0121 683 0300

We have stock of a standard range of letters / numbers 300 mm high in Arial font available to order. Please visit our web shop by following this link - Web Shop