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Polystyrene Packaging

Over 50 years in the Polystyrene business. Our technical support, experience and expertise in Polystyrene (EPS) packaging is second to none, and always ready to advise and guide you.

Expanded Polystyrene for packaging has many benefits, it is lightweight yet strong, moisture resistant, fully recyclable, and economic. The safety of your product depends upon reliable packaging in transit.

Using CAD/CAM hot wire technology we can cut, shape, scoop and profile to accommodate your polystyrene packaging needs. No high cost tooling charges as with moulded products.

Our innovative manufacturing technology together with an experienced workforce produces quality products and excellent service. Discuss your requirements and be guided by our highly experienced sales team.

Exclusive tooling and set up, polystyrene samples of your design specification can be made on request. Polystyrene pads, sheet, ornate and complex shapes, composite packs for fragile items, giving you an economic, lightweight and cushioned solution to your packaging needs.

Choose from various grades of Polystyrene (EPS) to cushion and protect your product appropriately, depending on its fragility, material, size or weight.

We will work with you to create your ideal end result. Polystyrene (EPS) cut to the size you require, pads and blocks, filler pieces, corner and edged pieces, and taylor made profiled multi packs to house and protect a collection of products.

Polystyrene bead/ bean and loose chippings 'Eccepac' - are bagged and readily available at competitive prices available from our web shop.

Please contact our sales team for further information or telephone 0121 683 0300