Polystyrene Graphics and Display

The versatility and cost-effectiveness of EPC has made it a go-to material for various industries as a means of fulfilling their graphics and display needs. 

Architectural models, art installations, film sets, or retail display mannequins, we can create any number of items to meet your design specifications, whatever they may be.

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Polystyrene (EPS) is so versatile and is used in the industries of Graphics, Media, Film, Television, Theatre, Retail, Conference and Exhibitions. Whether it is a point of sale display, theatre props or film and television sets, the benefits of using Polystyrene (EPS) are proven. The strong and lightweight material is water resistant, economic and fully recyclable. Our Polystyrene Display Products are manufactured to high specification and the highest quality.

Whether it be bespoke logos, letters and numbers, every design can be produced in your required font and size. Using CAD/CAM technologies and hot wire CNC machines we can also produce a variety of shapes which are hand finished to create a fairly smooth and even finish ready to paint. Bespoke to your requirements, we can produce heart shapes, spheres, eggs, star and snowflake shapes, flowers, clouds, stylised Christmas and palm trees, huge ice cream cones or cakes for fabulous displays. Other popular items are blocks to create model villages, model cars, film set sculptures, landscapes and cityscapes.

If you can imagine it, we can produce it!

Our Medium Density Fire Retardant (MDF) Polystyrene material is the film set sculptures first choice. We can even paint your products in any colour including specific pantone colours. We stock a standard range of letters and numbers 300mm high in Arial font, all available on our WebShop.

Polystyrene Graphics and Display