Expanded Polystyrene’s technical properties such as rigidity, formability and low weight means it can be used for a huge range of applications.

Thermal conductivity values range from 0.032 to 0.038 W/(m·K) depending on the density of the EPS board. The value of 0.038 W/(m·K) was obtained at 15 kg/m3 while the value of 0.032 W/(m·K) was obtained at 40 kg/m3 according to the data sheet of K-710 from StyroChem Finland. Water vapor diffusion resistance (μ) of EPS is around 30–70. Typical EPS has an oxygen index of around 18 volume %; thus, a flame retardant is added to styrene or polystyrene during the formation of EPS.

Here at Eccleston and Hart we use CAD/CAM hot wire technology to cut, shape and profile polystyrene to your particular needs. We produce large volumes of high quality Expanded Polystyrene material using our 50+ years of experience.

The Technical Stuff

What ever industry you’re in, whether a corporate company, a small business or DIY enthusiast, we can be of service.

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