Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) is a strong yet lightweight material that is water resistant, environmentally friendly, economically viable and fully recyclable. A product that’s often used in the construction industry for major projects like road and motorway embankments, ramps, shopping centres, as well as commercial and residential construction. 

But this isn’t all it can do, EPS is also an incredibly effective insulator.

EPS as Insulation

Why is EPS such a good insulator? It’s because the structure of EPS makes it a simple yet effective insulator with thermal properties that remain constant – this is due to the millions of air pockets trapped within the foam as well as EPS naturally being highly resistant to heat. EPS is 98% air!

EPS sheets for insulation can be used in a number of ways in both commercial and residential construction. Some applications include:


      • Exterior wall insulation

      • Ceilings

      • Roofing

      • Geofoam landfills

      • Flooring

      • Void Formers

      • Cool rooms

      • Under concrete slabs

    As an insulator, EPS is also excellent for moisture resistance because the foam is already compacted, making it exceptionally difficult for moisture to penetrate it, making EPS a great solution for preventing mould from developing. EPS has a thermal conductivity of 0.032 (W/mK) that is maintained for the duration of its lifespan, so once EPS is in place, it won’t need replacing further down the line like other insulation alternatives!

    Although most of us are more familiar with standard white EPS, there’s also an enhanced grey EPS that you might not have seen before, they can be found in our SuperTherm EPS Sheets

    Grey EPS contains high purity graphite that reflects and absorbs radiant energy, giving it superior thermal conductivity to the standard white EPS. The sheets include our newest grade of material and a flame retardant additive that’s suitable in Fire Class E conditions and any of your BS EN 13163 requirements.

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    Our EPS Insulation Products


      These sheets are used for underfloor thermal insulation.  This can be requested in sizes specific for your requirements. Our sheets can be purchased from our web shop and are 2.4m x 1.2m x 0.6m with depths of 25mm, 50mm, 75mm and 100mm.


        Commonly used in construction, Bead can also be mixed with concrete to reduce its weight and improve its thermal performance.  We produce and supply Bead in standard 0.283 cubic metre (10 cubic feet) bags with a Bead size of 2-8mm diameter and a weight of 10kg per metre cubed.  Our polystyrene beads can be bought from our web shop. 


          Super Therm EPS Sheets are perfectly suited to meet your thermal building needs and have been designed by our engineers to provide you with our most superior thermal rating to date.These sheets are made from our newest grade of material and contain a flame retardant additive and available up to Fire Class E and produced to meet various building needs and BS EN 13163 requirements. Our sheets can be purchased from our web shop.

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