Polystyrene is a plastic formed from hydrocarbon molecules that’s small, lightweight and ideal for a variety of applications. From stuffed toys to packaging materials to insulation sheets, these beads can be used for all sorts – not just bean bag filler

Possibly one of the most popular uses for polystyrene beads is using them in pillows, cushions and pet beds. These polystyrene beads are also a popular choice for stuffed animals and other toys.

How Are Polystyrene Beads Made?

The polymers start off as molecules measuring 0.5mm in diameter and are put through a steam process to fill the molecule with air to form a larger polystyrene bead. To make polystyrene beads, the polymer molecules are filled with air to increase their size. Once the beads are expanded, the balls are joined to form larger beads and then moulded into different products for foam building insulation or food packaging.

The Advantages of Polystyrene Beads

The main advantage of polystyrene beads is their strength, durability and lightweight properties. As well as this, they have thermal properties, are shock absorbent, moisture-resistant and compression-resistant.

The Uses of Polystyrene Beads

How Eccleston and Hart Recycle Polystyrene Beads

There are two methods to recycle polystyrene waste:

  1. Scrap material is broken down using a granulator and then the new bead is incorporated before block moulding
  2. Scrap granulated material is compacted in a compactor to produce ‘bricks’. Once the ‘bricks’ are formed, they’re then sent to a recycling depot where they’re made into a variety of different plastic products i.e. garden furniture, picture frames and roof tiles.


Why Choose Eccleston & Hart For Your Polystyrene Beads

Here at Eccleston and Hart, we believe in providing our customers with quality that stands the test of time and ensure our polystyrene is used as efficiently as possible.
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