Expanded Polystyrene – Recycling and the Environment

Eccleston + Hart Limited is committed to using expanded polystyrene as efficiently as possible.

EPS can be recycled, we recycle our own waste by two methods:

  • Breaking scrap material into its bead form using
    a granulator, then mixing with new bead before block
  • Compacting scrap granulated material in a
    Compactor to produce ‘bricks’.  These bricks are then sent
    to a recycling depot where various new products are
    produced such as garden furniture, plant pots, picture
    frames, roof tiles and many more plastic products, thereby
    saving on valuable natural resources.

EPS is more acceptable than packaging materials such as moulded paper pulp in terms of air pollution, energy consumption, water pollution, and overall carbon footprint.

EPS recycling programs have been established here in the UK as well as in many countries around the world, making it a very popular, flexible and versatile product. Around 100 tonnes of EPS are recycled every month in the UK.

EPS contains no CFC’s HCFC’s or fibre,  it has a zero ODP rating and is not noxious, it is physically and chemically inert. It contains no known biological or physiological irritant.